Brisco County is a person, not a location. He's a Harvard-educated lawyer who decides he doesn't like practicing law and changes his career to -- what else? -- bounty hunting. Complete with sidekick Lord Bowler and trusty horse Comet, Brisco also hunts his father's murderer in this tongue-in-cheek series, set in 1893.

New episode every Monday. 


Our team travels the highways and country roads looking for people that are Geekier than us.  From Toy Collectors to Prop designers.  We will share their stories with the world about their... “Geekier Things”


Ghosts R N.E.A.R. is a TV talk show hosted by Keith & Sandra Johnson , former cast members of Ghost Hunters and produced by Jeanine Calkin. It deals with paranormal topics and features interviews with local guests (paranormal investigators, authors, etc.) and on-location N.E.A.R. projects.


Uncovering Oklahoma is about creative places and people in Oklahoma. Originally started in April 2009 as an episodic travel show for young adults, Uncovering Oklahoma evolved to a publication with information about adventurous places in the state and interviews with creative people through articles, interviews, and videos.


Redneck Ghost Hunters is a mockumentary reality web series depicting a group of “wannabe” ghost hunters making their own reality show. The team members base their experiences from the paranormal shows they have watched, and test their knowledge, sadly with hilarious results.

Each episode concentrates on one main story in a satirical way. Witness the team investigate Urban legends, and paranormal events…in Redneck country.


We'll Teach You To Survive The Apocalypse...Even If It Kills Us!

You know the story...Human kind is deadlocked in a struggle with creatures of unknown origin. Some dangerous, some...we don't know! For those of you who can afford to live under government protection. Let this show be your survival guide.

Join survivalist Kurt Logan and his team of specialist as they show you the tips and strategies to stay the Badlands!


Ghost Mom's was filmed in Oklahoma and aired on Women's Entertainment TV in 2005. The pilot showcased Teri and her best friend and co-founder of P.I.T.T. (Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa), Tina Stevens, as Mom's by Day & Ghost Hunters by Night.